Rogue Family Volsung

Dark Frontier

Dominik Van Goren (Void Master)
Rook Tarvanna (Arch Militant) (previous character of Valentius)
Hallow (Arch Militant)

While traveling from their last mission on the Sovereign Venture, Rook finds a bronze worm on his table, an object he knew was supposed to be locked in the vault.

Alarms sound. The ship needs a variety of repairs to continue functioning. The warp engine is over heating, there is a hull breach, and life support is failing. Dominik, as a Void Master, headed down to deal with the engines, Rook went to seal the hull breach, and Hallow dealt with the life control system.

The ship becomes trapped near a dark star and the ship is unable to leave its orbit. In the gun-cutter, the party travels to a local planet and meets the people there.

The first people they encounter are those led by Martek, living in a vast shanty town made from the wreckage of ships. There is a sizable population of mutants. Martek has been studying the dark star, but hasn’t been able to breach its defenses to reach the structures build around it that he suspects are keeping the ships from leaving. He has a bomb, but no way to get it there.

Another settlement is known as the Brotherhood, and led by a cleric named Palar. Palar has restricted ties with Martek’s settlement due to the presence of the mutants, who he feels are an affront to the Emperor. The Brotherhood is also home to a captain named Lynara Cobolt, whose ship the Penance of Iocanthos is trapped in orbit as well, but within range to help destroy some of the defenses around the dark star.

The party convinced the two settlements to work together and Lynara agreed to help. The Penance of Iocanthos began its assault while the party used their gun-cutter to head for the dark star with the bomb on board. Dominik did his best to pilot the gun-cutter in, but a jolt sent the bomb crashing into Rook. Luckily, Hallow was able to disarm it as the clock started to tick down.

After a bit of a crash landing, the party along with a few helpers from their ship, began to move the bomb towards a crystal tower. They made their way through a black diamond maze, and were assaulted by crystalline spiders. After defeating them, they moved into the tower, minus some of their helpers.

Upon reaching the top level of the tower, Hallow moved towards the centre to determine the best place to set up the bomb, and was caught in a cloud of flesh and bones as the corpses on the ground rose up around a bronze worm. After a struggle, the party managed to defeat it, and set the bomb. They made their way out and back to the planet. With the tower destroyed, the ships were now free to leave the dark star’s orbit, and the party accepted Martek’s people as passengers out of the area.

Quick recap of previous sessions by Asylos, many details forgotten, better note taking in future



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